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Cartel Del Sapo, most commonly referred to as "CDS", is one of the most strict groups in Roblox. CDS is allies with many famous groups such as: UCR, UAF, and FEAR. CDS consists of loyal, organized, and well-trained soldiers.


TheftTime, now known as TimeBoss is the owner and leader of CDS. He is known for his strict leadership and has been recognized by many clan leaders. TheftTime has high ranks in some groups, such as FEAR and UCR. TheftTime was permanently banned from Roblox in 2010 resulting in the making of TimeBoss. Any soldier of CDS is required to call TimeBoss by either "Boss" or "Sir".

Soldiers of CDSEdit

The soldiers of CDS are very well trained. The must call TimeBoss by the name of "Boss" or "Sir". This rule is very stressed in CDS and if one disobeys they may be permanently exiled from the group. CDS Soldiers must wear uniforms in any activity related to CDS, if not they may also be exiled from the group. CDS Soldiers must protect TimeBoss at all times.

Alpha BaseEdit

The members of CDS most often visit their Alpha Base to "hang out" but at the same time defend. Raiders at Alpha Base are usually treated poorly no matter who they are, unless they are the leader or a high rank of another group.


CDS is also known for its commands. Several are acronyms, such as L.U means Line up and Q.U means quiet. There are also GPS commands used to move a soldier to a specific spot. An example would be Alpha 1 second, Bravo, Charlie 2 seconds, Zulu. Which means, Move forward for one second, Turn around, Move right for two seconds, Turn to the left. Commands are used frequently in CDS and all soldiers are expected to understand them.


CDS has never lost a raid. Most likely, because of their fighting tactics. During a raid, CDS members are expected not to talk and to follow orders. Once CDS went on a raid spree that has held the record of ROBLOX for 67 raids in one single day while winning them all, the commander of the raid "ShadowFire36" was given Medal of Coalition of Knight Cross, in tales is the hardest medal to get in all of Roblox as only two people have the medal, NeoBoss (who is TimeBoss) and Shadowfire36.

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